How to Upgrade YouTube Driver

Upgrading YouTube Driver can be a little tricky sometimes. Usually you just need to install it and it will update everything. But, sometimes you will need to completely remove it from your computer before redownloading. If you've already downloaded YouTube Driver just follow these steps and you'll be all set.


Step 1: Go to Add/Remove Programs and Remove YouTube Driver

Step 2: Check the folder c:\program files\YouTube Driver\ Make sure everything is gone. If there are files there delete them. NOTE: You may need to close Internet Explorer.

The picture above shows files in the YouTube Driver folder. If you see this delete these files. That's why your software isn't updating. If you don't have this folder that's good news. It's because Microsoft Windows was able to delete them for you.


Step 3: Install the Latest Version of YouTube Driver.

Download YouTube Driver Desktop Version [ 8.6MB]

If you already Purchased YouTube Driver

There is no need to purchase the software again. When you open the software it may start your trial period or say that your trial is expired. When you see this there is a link that says "Already Purchased?". Click this link and enter your email. Then you'll be all set.